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About us:

We are a small australian based community server. created by three friends with a dream we currently have a populated dayz server with hopes of expanding our reach in both DayZ and other games. driven by the love of gaming and the need of a true gaming community we aim to provide a wholesome community for all to enjoy.

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Meet our team:

Brock Mcstuffin: The cerebral cortex of Rehabilitation Gaming. Ensuring all the mods work, are up to date and meet the vision of our server. With a background in FiveM GTA texturing and modding, Brock is what you would get if Bill Gates had a love child with Bob Marley. Brock is Owner of Rehabilitation Gaming and will be found usually AFK. 

Bomarmoore: bomar digs holes.

Mastercuts20: Mastercuts one of the most valuable. His choosen name Mastercuts20/Masters for short is a very good fit with him being a master when it comes to fixing Brock’s mistakes. from texturing to even providing this web-site masters has done it all. 

Wrath: Wrath is one of the later additions to the Rehabilitation team but none the less probably one of the most important keeping players and the server happy while the rest of the team gets some well needed sleep. we love you our Nightwatchman!

For those paying attention, a little treasure hunt,    595.401611, 7.006002, 11387.701172

Priesty: one of our most recent additions priesty has come on board to manage the social media side of Rehabilitation. be sure to keep him company when not in game over on our twitter

Damon Black: Founder of Rehabilitation Gaming roleplay (fivem). Damon puts his all into his work day and night an essential addition to the team with very taleted development skills we look forward to the future and to see what grand theft auto RP and Damon has install for the Rehabilitation community.