General Community Rules and Guidlines

1. No promotion of other servers or other un-approved communities.

2. Respect – Give and receive respect.

3. No racism, sexism, or speech that you wouldn’t want your mother to hear. All are created equal.

4. This is a place for EVERYONE, any behaviour that is deemed unwanted by staff and you will be PERMANTLY REMOVED from the community.

1. Lock it or lose it. Vehicles that are found by other players are fair game. Hide yours well and behind locked gates. Vehicles at trader are not fair game and are to be left alone.

2. Vehicles need to be stored under a cover when not being used ie cammo net. Compensation will not be given.

3. No base glitching.

4. No whinging in the chat if there is something you need help with or you find to be a server issue then open a ticket in discord.

5. No loot cycling.

6. No promotion of other servers.

7. no combat logging or leaving while in a “raid”. if unable to reconnect report to staff asap.

8.limit to 3 bases. for both players and clans. Warnings will be given fairly.

Repeat violation will result in ban.